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Studying in Germany

Advantages and benefits when studying in Germany

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  • Great service for international students (support in settling in, many institutions especially for international students, assistance in finding accommodation, planning your studies, getting to know fellow students)
  • Very wide range of degree programs to suit your interests and talents
  • Universities focus on excellent research resulting in excellent teaching
  • Close co-operations between university and industry so that a close connection between theory and practice is established
  • Worldwide networks, based on fruitful co-operations with universities all over the world; German degrees are widely accepted and numerous International Degree Programs prepare you for an international career
  • Location 'in the heart of Europe'
  • One of the world's largest and most technologically advanced economies
  • Depending on the federal state, tuition fees are either very low or they do not exist at all

Please find more information on the study system, higher education institutions and life in Germany here:

Study fees for international students?

Policymakers in NRW are currently discussing whether to introduce study fees for certain groups of international students.

Up to now, however, there is neither a corresponding law nor any draft legislation.

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International Summer German Courses

Do you already know the international Summer German Courses at Bielefeld University? They take place every August and you can choose among different language levels and themes.
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German Courses for international students and employees in English speaking study programs and contexts

Even if you are able to conduct most of your studies in English or your native language, a basic command of German may be helpful during the course of your stay in Germany. At PunktUm, you can select from a number of different German language courses to achieve this. .
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