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Guaranteeing top-level research and excellent teaching through an international outlook

For Bielefeld University, an international outlook is simply essential to guarantee top-level research and excellent teaching. A strategic and sustained internationalization is one of the main ways of ensuring that the university will maintain its high level of competitiveness throughout the future.

One important goal is to give research at Bielefeld University an even more intensive international orientation, thereby cultivating the closest ties with scientific developments throughout the world. Networks, partnerships, and cooperations are being systematically developed on all levels - by main research areas and academic departments just as much as by individual academics.

Graduates of Bielefeld University should possess international competencies. In a globalized world, this will open up the broadest variety of career options - both within and beyond academia. Therefore the university is not just promoting the international mobility of its students. It also works together with the faculties in integrating international elements into study courses - ranging from "international tracks" in single degree programmes to complete English-language Master programmes.

Bielefeld University is also internationalizing its campus: Researchers, teachers, doctoral students, and students from all over the world are an integral part of university life. And to attract even greater numbers of ambitious students from abroad, Bielefeld University is pursuing an international recruitment strategy. In-house programmes to support visiting academics along with comprehensive services for all the different international groups - such as a "Welcome Service" or special language courses - make an important contribution to promoting internationalization at Bielefeld University.


International and Diversity

Prof. Dr. Angelika Epple

Angelika Epple


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