Faculty of Health Sciences

Bielefeld School of Public Health (BiSPH)


Bielefeld School of Public Health is the first and largest Public Health academic institution in post-war Germany. Founded in 1994 the School has grown exponentially to become an international resource in health research and education. We define Public Health as the science of increasing the health and well-being of communities through education, policy-making and population-based research. Public health is cross cutting, utilizing aspects of various disciplines.

Bielefeld School of Public Health is unique in many aspects. It offers various basic and advanced courses and research opportunities in the field of Public Health. Using a decentralized coordinated structure of eight departments, the School of Public Health aims at laying down the theoretical fundamentals as well as the practical tools of public health via an interactive and interdisciplinary process. Today the School of Public Health is recognized for significant contributions to research in multiple areas of public health on the local, national, and international levels. The faculty is actively involved in expanding knowledge in the Public Health field through scientific inquiry and innovation within the interdisciplinary working groups.


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