Master Programs

From Neural Mechanisms to Evolution
Work on the mechanisms that allow animals and humans to behave adaptively in complex environments.
Fundamental and Applied Ecology
Understand the complex interactions in ecosystems to face challenges concerning the future of biosphere.
(in German)
Genome-based Systems
Genome-based Systems Biology
Get involved into interdisciplinary research in molecular life sciences, Chemistry, and Bioinformatics.
Molecular Cell Biology
Molecular Cell Biology
Study the role and interaction of proteins and metabolites in cells to work on biological and medical questions.
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Get into Teaching
Genome-based Systems Biology
Become a biology teacher and choose between programs for all types of schools in North Rhine-Westphalia.
(in German)
Biological subjects
The Faculty of Biology participates in programms at the Faculty of Technology
Bioinformatik und Genomforschung
Molekulare Biotechnologie


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