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  • Bacteria Copyright: Bielefeld University
    Optical Tractor Beam
    Like a tractor beam in science fiction: physicists immobilize bacterial cells with a laser beam so that they can be studied at the highest resolution.
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  • Professorin Epple Copyright: Bielefeld University
    New CRC
    DFG approves new CRC “Comparative Practices”. History Professor Dr. Angelika Epple serves as speaker of the CRC.
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  •  Copyright:
    Tool for Design Genomes
    Public lecture at the ZiF on 12th January: Prof. Dr. Bernd Müller-Röber presents chances and risks of design genomes. (In German)
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  • Titelbild BI.research Copyright: Bielefeld University
    BI.research News
    The development of CITEC is the central topic of the latest issue of BI.research, the research magazine of Bielefeld University.
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