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Reseacrh Group: Psycholinguistics

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Modern psycholinguistics investigates the cognitive foundations of human communication. Psycholinguistics is a cognitive science with many links to other sciences including cognitive psychology, computer science, neurocognitive sciences, philosophy and linguistics. In this this group, we focus on spoken language especially on language use. This is in contrast to classic linguistics which is mainly interested in the structure of language.


If you are interested in participating in one of our current studies please visit the German version of this website. As our interest is in language use, we are often looking for German native speakers. Simply because this is the largest group of native speakers in the university. If we are running studies where your native language is not as important, we will post them here as well.

German research participation website

The Research Group

For information on current members and projects of our group please look here.

Website of the Psycholinguistics group