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After returning

+ Recognition of academic achievements

To apply for your recognition of academic achievements you have to go to your examination office. You will have to hand in your application form provided by the examination office, copies of your learning agreement and your transcript of records.

Further information concearning your recognition of academic achievements can be found here.

Information on your rights and duties regarding the recognition of academic achievements from abroad can be found in the brochure "Auslandsstudium und Anerkennung".

+ Brother-Sister programme

Would you like to continue having contact to international students?
Would you be interested in volunteering in the Brother-Sister programme?

This mentoring programme offers students from Bielefeld University the opportunity to support international students personally, support them during their stay and so make international contacts.

You can find further information and the registration for the Brother-Sister programme here: Brother-Sister programme.


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Exchange cooperations

Look for worldwide exchange cooperations.


Important documents, brochures and event programme for students who are planning to go abroad.
Download here.

Future events