Thematisches Piktogramm


Call for Applications - Transregional Academy "Histories of Migrant Knowledges in and across the Transpacific. Agencies, Scales, Translations." May 28 - June 4,2019, University of California, Berkeley (convener, among others, CALAS); Submission Deadline: October 25, 2018.

Konferenz: SFB: "Contact - Conquest - Colonization. Practices of Comparing between Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, from Antiquity to Present", 11. bis 13. Oktober 2018, Universität Bielefeld. (Weitere Information)

Follow-Up Konferenz: Entangled Black Americas, 18. bis 19. Oktober 2018, Universität Bielefeld

Abschlusskonferenz: BMBF Projekt "Americas as Space of Entanglements", 14. bis 15. Dezember 2018, Universität Bielefeld