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What Is Health Services Research

What Is Nursing Service Science?
Our group deals with two different subject areas which are anyhow closely related. On the one hand we deal with health services research and aim to expand this branch of research in Germany where it is not so well developed. On the other hand we deal with nursing sciences focussing primarily on problems in health service research in nursing and aspects which may lead to an optimization of nursing services.

Health Services Research
Main focus of health services research is the analysis of goals, structures, processes and results of modern health care systems. Fields of interest are the consequences of demographic and epidemiological changes for health care systems and institutions, the need for reforms for health systems accruing from the modified situation by new population developments, and fair and equitable financing models.

A particular subject of our group is the implementation of adequate health care services for patients with chronic diseases. Topics like user orientation, patient orientation and participation, empowerment, outpatient services, integration and continuity of health care services are exemplary examined on selected chronic diseases (HIV/Aids, chronic pain, dementia etc.) or specific health care segments.

Nursing Service Science
Concern is the professionalisation of nursing by establishment of nursing sciences at German universities. Within projects we firstly develop theory, methods and research. Secondly we are interested in the effects of the beginning professionalisation in nursing, particularly in nursing health care actions. Mainly work on approaches for extending the actions of the nursing personnel, the improvement of nursing services and encouraging of the initiated developments. New concepts of outpatient care like case management, patient counselling and patient education gain special importance in the care of patients with chronic diseases. Additionally to questions of the ambulant sector we are engaged in analysing new health care problems in the hospital sector e.g. hospital discharge and stationary long-term care.

Nursing Services Research Network
The Nursing Services Research Network North-Rhine-Westphalia is one of four research networks of "Applied Nursing Services Research" with the topic "Patient ? oriented nursing concepts for coping chronic Diseases." It is granted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The network aims to contribute to the correction of deficits in health care of patients with chronic diseases.

Research Projects:
  • patient-oriented evidence-based nursing concepts for coping with chronic diseases
  • innovation of nursing by extension of health care action towards more patient activation
  • development of instruments for the identification of individual health care demands
  • patient education and empowerment