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About the Faculty of Health Sciences


Bielefeld School of Public Health (BISPH)

The Bielefeld School of Public Health (BSPH) is the first and largest Public Health academic institution in Germany. Founded in 1994 the School has grown exponentially to become an international resource in health research and education. BSPH is unique in many aspects. It offers a large number of basic and advanced teaching modules and research opportunities in the field of public health. Using a decentralized coordinated structure of eight departments, the BSPH aims at laying down the theoretical fundamentals as well as the practical tools of new public health via an interactive and interdisciplinary process.

The Faculty has continuously developed and expanded during the past few years and now includes eight chairs and associated working groups:

- Health Care Systems, Health Policy and Sociology of Health (Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Gerlinger)
- Public health medicine (Prof Dr. Alexander Krämer)
- Epidemiology & International Public Health (Prof. Dr. Oliver Razum)
- Prevention and Health Promotion (Prof. Dr. Petra Kolip)
- Health Care Management (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Greiner)
- Public Health Nursing & Health Sciences Research (Prof. Dr. Doris Schaeffer)
- Environment and Health (Prof. Dr. Claudia Hornberg)
- Demography and Health (Prof. Dr. Ralf Ulrich)

Our important BISPH has close links with other national and international agencies, institutions in research and collaborations forming valued partnerships which enable us to promote a braod Public Health perspective. At international level BSPH works as a World Health Organization Collaborating center in youth and adolescent health promotion, is a member of the ASPHER Association of Schools of Public Health in Europe and cooperates with other universities in Germany and all over the world.