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Art and Culture

Bielefeld University offers a variety of ways of pursuing your artistic and cultural interests and making the most of your leisure time. Numerous concerts, exhibitions, recitals, and many other events are organized every semester.

The -> Aesthetic Center (Ästhetische Zentrum) was set up in 2002. It provides an institutional framework for the wide range of artistic and cultural activities at the university. It is also the central meeting point for different cultural groups - in particular, the three traditional music ensembles: the university choir, the orchestra (known as the Hochschulorchester), and the Jazz Bigband. They give highly regarded public concerts and are always interested in gaining new members. There are also several theater groups, some of which are experimental. And the university also has much to offer in the fields of literature, fine art, film, and media arts.

If you would like to participate in any of these activities, please get in touch with the Aesthetic Center.


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