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Before you travel

+ Regulations of entry and residence

If you are planning a stay outside the EU you should ask at the Federal Foreign Office about conditions of entry and residence. You can also get further information about your guest country there.

+ Language preparation

Some universities require certification of language proficiency. For relevant certification please contact the University´s Language Centre. Even if you do not have to prove language proficiency you are welcome to take up the offer of the Language Centre to help you prepare for your stay abroad with language courses or tandems.

+ Information events offered by the International Office on guest countries

In cooperation with the University's Language Centre, the International Office offers regular information events in the summer semester on various countries. Information is available on the study system, particularities of the countries, and other useful information on living there.
You can find a list of the IO events ->here and those offered by the Language Centre ->here.

+ Providing documents

Depending on the University, you will need various documents. Please inform yourself early on whether you require references, translations of certificates and transcripts or also need attested documents.

If your guest university requires a transcript in the English language then at the International Office your translation can be verified and stamped.

+ Recognition of academic achievements

Before you begin your studies abroad you must talk to your Programme Officer about the recognition of your academic achievements. Even when you are not going abroad as part of a Bielefeld University ERASMUS+ cooperation you can make use of the form Learning Agreement.

Further information can be found in the brochure Studying Abroad and the Recognition of Achievements [in German] and also here [in German].

+ Leave of absence/re-registration at Bielefeld University

You can also take a leave of absence for the period of your stay abroad. To this end you need the "Application for Leave of Absence" [in German] from the Registrars´office and confirmation that you will be completing a period of study abroad. Please note: A leave of absence is not possible if you take an examination at Bielefeld University or wish to end your studies during the semester when you are studying abroad. For more information please contact the Registrars´office.

+ Health Insurance

Whether health insurance is required or what kind of health insurance is necessary differs from country to country. Please refer to information brochures and contact your health insurance to find out how you should proceed.

+ International Student Identity Card

The International Student Identity Card provides discounts for different facilities abroad. To apply for the Student Identity Card please visit ISIC.

+ Accommodation in the guest country

Finding suitable accommodation is one of the biggest worries when planning a stay abroad. It is recommended then to inform yourself well in advance at your guest university, read about other people?s experiences and do some research on the Internet about possible accommodation in your guest country. Tips to Internet sites are available on request from the advisory team of the International Office.

+ Subletting a flat

If you do not want to give up your flat when you go abroad, you can rent it out to international students who are staying in Bielefeld during your absence.

You can find the form and contact details here as .pdf [in German].

+ International Mentoring Programme

If you would like to get a taste of a little international atmosphere you can be a mentor to international students studying at Bielefeld University on the International Mentoring Programme. More information about the programme and details on how to apply is available here.

+ Reports of experiences

To prepare yourself for your trip you can also read about the experiences of former students who have completed a stay abroad and find useful tips and suggestions. You can find some reports from previous semesters here [in German].


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