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Teaching Abroad

There are various possibilities for young researchers wishing to teach for a limited period of time abroad.

DAAD short-term teaching placements
Teaching opportunities from 4 weeks up to maximum of 6 months for all disciplines worldwide.
More information available ->here.

DAAD long-term teaching placements
Teaching opportunities over 6 months for all disciplines worldwide.
Weitere Informationen ->here.

DAAD Lektoren (senior language teachers) of German language, literature and German studies abroad, in some countries also teachers in other academic fields.
Further information available ->here.

DAAD language assistants
In addition to the "Lektoren" Programme, the DAAD offers a yearly scholarship for language assistants of German as a Foreign Language. The scholarship is aimed at young graduates of German as a Foreign Language, German Studies (or the particular regional philology).
Further information available ->here.

EU-ERASMUS-short-term lectureship
A Lectureship at an ERASMUS-Partner university in Europe, as a rule, lasts for 1-2 weeks.
Further information available at the ->International Office of Bielefeld University.

Fulbright Scholarships
Exchange programs for German scholars who want to research and/or lecture at a U.S. university or reserach institution.
Further information available ->here


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