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Self-organised groups (SOG)

A self-organised group (SOG) is a group made up of students/ staff/ occasional students, which can book time to use sports halls or sports grounds by the week or semester.


Booking per week:

In the summer semester and in the following semester break, students/ staff of the Uni/ FH can form a SOG and book the following sports facilities weekly:

Beach volley courts

Tennis courts

Booking is made in person at P01 ? (Sports hall area; sports hall caretaker) by entering your details on a list. The lists are hung out weekly, so that you can book for the following week. Only one place can be booked per week. Multiple bookings will be deleted by the sports hall caretaker.


Booking per semester:

In each period, the University Sports Service offers free spaces in the sports halls to SOGs with a minimum of seven in a group. These available times have to be booked online using the booking system. To ensure this is done correctly it is necessary to:

1.Find a group with at least 6 people with whom you wish to form an SOG.

2. Book one time slot in the booking system for the hall space (self-organised groups). If you book more than one place, the University Sport Service reserves the right to give the places away.

3. Download the contract and the list of participants for the SOG and bring these to the University Sports Service office before the specified deadline for submission. The booking is only valid after you have submitted these in person. If the two documents are not handed in on time then your space will be reallocated.

Book Free Spaces
List of Participants