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29 May, 18:15
Public Event at the ZiF

Fraktale Berge, ein Traum der Mathematiker

Jean-Pierre Eckmann (Genf, SUI)

7 - 8 June
ZiF Workshop

Overcoming Time and Space - Unknown Oceans and New Worlds in Ancient and Early Modern Times

Raimund Schulz (Bielefeld, GER)

14 - 16 June
ZiF Workshop

Honor-Shame Dynamics in Western History

Richard Landes (Jerusalem, ISR),
Jörg Wettlaufer (Göttingen, GER)


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The ZiF is Bielefeld University's Institute for Advanced Study and fosters outstanding and innovative interdisciplinary research projects. The ZiF is an independent thematically open research institution and is open to scholars from all disciplines and all countries.

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Understanding Southern Welfare. Ideational and historical foundations of social policies in Brazil, India, China and South Africa


The twentieth century was a century of expanding social policy and the rise of the 'welfare state'. During that century, Western nation states turned into 'democratic welfare capitalism' (T.H. Marshall), with social expenditures reaching 20-35% of GDP, and coverage of the population by social security provisions verging towards 100%. In the twenty-first century, the countries of the global South play an increasingly important role in terms of population growth, their share in the global economy, and potential or real global political power. Which route have Southern countries been taking regarding the 'social' side of society?



In Search of the Global Labour Market - Actors, Structures and Policies


Globalisation is on everybody's lips. Like few others this catchword epitomises the dynamic changes of present times, not least with regard to labour markets. Never before have such a large number of people emigrated in the hope of better working and living conditions. Never before were so many flight miles spent on business travel. For the highly qualified elites globalisation appears as a cornucopia of opportunities. In less privileged sectors of the labour market, above all in industry, employers refer to the 'pressure of globalisation' to justify the lowering of standards and wages or the shifting of jobs abroad.


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