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AG 10: Migrations­pädagogik und Rassismus­kritik

AG 10 Migration Pedagogy and Cultural Work

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Main areas of research and teaching:

Pedagogy of Migration

The Pedagogy of Migration working group is examining the relationship between pedagogy and migration in both a historical and a contemporary social context.

Research and analysis in this academic field is based on (de-)constructivist approaches that address discriminating and privileging relationships as well as interrelated phenomena such as ethnicized difference and heterogeneity, affiliation, discrimination, and racism. As well as focusing on ethnicity, the construction of which is of particular importance in the context of migration phenomena, the group is also examining its entanglement with other demarcation lines.

Research and teaching at AG10 aims to critically analyse constructivist processes of ethnicized difference on various levels: on those of social power and hierarchy relationships, the educational system, the (migration-) pedagogical programme objectives, and subjective experience. This approach to the pedagogy of migration is interconnected with other branches and action fields of educational science. It particularly examines (early) childhood, youth, and the field of extracurricular education. Such a critical and reflective analysis combined with theory, empiricism, and educational practice fosters the acquisition of a reflective knowledge that will enable students to acquire the professional skills to engage in sensitive and educational work in our culturally diverse society.