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Research projects

In cooperation with the Heidelberg University Hospital

  • NEXUS - Natural experiment on contextual effects on health and health care among refugees
  • RESPOND – Improving regional health system responses to the challenges of migration through tailored interventions for asylum-seekers and refugees
  • PRICARE – Health and primary‐care sentinel surveillance in reception‐ and accommodation‐centres for asylum‐seekers in Germany

Selection of current projects

  • Challenges and opportunities of global refugee migration for health care in Germany (part of the ‘research college’ FlüGe as part of the research strategy "Fortschritt NRW")
  • Regional differences in care needs, taking morbidity into account. Spatiotemporal analyses of the need for and use of nursing care (part of the NuV Research Network, focusing on user-oriented health care for people with chronic conditions and long-term care needs).
  • Health and development-promoting potential of urban green spaces and playgrounds for children (part of the Junior Research Group StadtLandschaft & Gesundheit)
  • The implementation of the WHO strategy "Health for all” in the world of work – the contribution of foreign companies through workplace health promotion (BGF) in the Russian Federation
  • Disability weights for chronic mercury intoxication due to mercury exposure in artisanal small-scale gold mining
  • Improvement of Febrile Disease Diagnostics through Capacity-Building in Africa (FEDIA)
  • Community-oriented preventive interventions: Establishing health profiles using validated questionnaires as well as providing and evaluating computer-based counselling based on individual health risks.
  • Secondary analysis of Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data: disease burden in children, vaccinations, etc.
  • Concepts and Methods of the Burden of Disease Instruments with Applications for Environmental Diseases in Germany

Completed projects

  • Influence of migration on the prevalence of hepatitis B in Germany, and epidemiology of hepatitis care in migrants
  • Epidemiological studies on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Methodological aspects of capturing social contact structures relevant for the transmission of droplet infections
  • POLYMOD: Improving Public Health Policy in Europe through the modelling and economic evaluation of interventions for the control of infectious diseases
  • Monitoring the health of migrants within Europe: development of indicators for infectious diseases
  • Epidemiology of health care services for intravenous drug users with HIV infection
  • Coordination of a working group to develop mathematical and statistical models and analyses of protective factors for HIV infection among injecting drug users. EMCDDA, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Updated estimates of chronic hepatitis B prevalence in the Netherlands: risk-group analysis approach. LiverDoc, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • The epidemiology of HIV and syphilis infections in intravenous drug users in China
  • Reproductive health rights among women in Palestine
  • Community-oriented primary care (COPC) for Arab women in Cologne
  • Epidemiology of health care services for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome in Bielefeld, Germany
  • Analysis of school entry examinations: Partial performance disorders in children, obesity, vaccination, migrant children, role of kindergarten attendance
  • DFG Scherpunktprogramm Megacities-Megachallenge, Project 1: Informal settlements, economics and environmental change and public health strategies to improve the quality of life in Dhaka
  • DFG Priority Programme Megacities-Megachallenge: Project 2: Satellite-based aerosol mapping over megacities – Development and application in health and climate-related studies
  • Health survey for students in NRW
  • Planning and implementation of international comparative studies on the health of students with a focus on mental health (Student Life Cohort in Europe (SLiCE); Cross national students' health study (CNSHS)).
News from the School of Public Health

News from AG 2

16 September 2020
New publication by Prof. Bozorgmehr and colleagues published in: Migration in West and North Africa and across the Mediterranean: trends, risks, development and governance
Health information management in the context of forced migration in Europe"

31 August 2020
News story in POLITICO with contributions by Prof. Bozorgmehr:
Germany eyes global health ambitions as US steps back"

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15 June 2020
So leicht hat es das Virus in Flüchtlingsheimen”:
News story with contributions by Prof. Kayvan Bozorgmehr and colleagues.

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12 June 2020
Plötzlich ein Corona-Hotspot”:
News story with contributions by Prof. Kayvan Bozorgmehr and colleagues.

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29 May 2020
New Publication by Prof. Bozorgmehr, Prof. Razum (AG3), Amir Mohsenpour and others as part of the Competence Network Public Health Covid-19:
SARS-CoV2 in collective refugee accommodation: Epidemiological and normativ-legal aspects

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28 May 2020
New Publication by Prof. Bozorgmehr and other colleagues in Frontiers in Psychiatry:
Predictors of Asylum Seekers’ Health Care Utilization in the Early Phase of Resettlement

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04 May 2020
New Publication by Prof. Razum (AG3), Verena Penning (AG3), Amir Mohsenpour und Prof. Bozorgmehr in Das Gesundheitswesen :
Covid-19 in Refugee Shelters: The German Public Health Service Needs Strengthening Now

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01 May 2020
Covid19-Small Area Monitor (Covid19-SAM) launched:
New instrument by AG2 to enable time-sensitive and small-area monitoring of the current Covid19 pandemic.
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03 April 2020
Commentary published in The Lancet Public Health:
COVID and the convergence of three crises in Europe
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02 March 2020
New Publication by Prof. Bozorgmehr and Prof. Razum (A8):
Lost in Ambiguity: Facilitating Access or Upholding Barriers to Health Care for Asylum Seekers in Germany?
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02 March 2020
Health Policy and Systems Responses to Forced Migration :
Publication of the new book by Prof. Kayvan Bozorgmehr, Prof. Razum and colleagues from Heidelberg University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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10 February 2020
Wie Wohlstand in Entwicklungsländern zur Krebsfalle wird”:
News story with contributions by Prof. Kayvan Bozorgmehr and colleagues.

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03 February 2020
New staff in the AG 2: Starting with February, we are glad to welcome Ms. Judith Wenner (MSc) as new staff member in our team.

15 January 2020
New staff in the AG 2: We are glad to welcome Mr. Diogo Costa (PhD) as new staff member in our team.

06 January 2020
New publication on ambulatory care sensitive hospitalisations among asylum seekers in Germany published in "BMJ Open":
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