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Faculty of Linguistics and Literature

About us

The faculty for Linguistics and Literary Sciences offers the largest interdisciplinary study and research program among the 13 faculties at the University of Bielefeld. The intensive interweaving of research and teaching is a special quality feature of the six subjects of our faculty. The English, German as a Foreign Language, Art and Music, as well as the Linguistic and Literature studies offer a large number of diverse scientific and pedagogic Bachelor and Master courses that can be combined with each other or the programs of other faculties. From Clinical Linguistics, Literary Sciences and Interdisciplinary Media Studies to Computer Linguistics and the classical subjects and philology like English, German, Latin and the Romance languages to German as a Foreign or Second Language, the study and research offer features a large Faculty of Humanities with more than 30 professors and over 3,000 students.

Our scholars are active in numerous research projects and working groups across faculties and universities. The CIAS, CITEC and SFB 1288 excellence and large-scale research collaborations (links to homepages and research profile) are particularly well-known both nationally and internationally.

The Faculty is particularly attractive to European and non-European students and scientists thanks to its broad range of courses and global research with a wide range of international partners and collaborations. This is impressively demonstrated by the fact that the faculty has by far the highest degree of internationalization at the university.



Overview of the Faculty's staff.