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Peer Review Third-Party Funding

Are you are planning to submit an application for third-party funding or are just about to? Then you are warmly invited to take part in our "Peer Review for third-party funding applications".

The Peer Review format is aimed at all young researchers of Bielefeld University who want to gain experience in applying for third-party funding. It is an excellent opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge on how to make an application. It also stimulates an exchange of ideas and intensive feedback on your application with other researchers who are in a similar situation.

In a moderated peer review format, young researchers from various disciplines discuss their third-party funding applications with each other and with consultants in research funding from the Department for Research Administration and Technology Transfer (FFT). The range of perspectives and available knowledge provides feedback which adds new and important aspects to those gained within their own discipline.

When you participate in Peer Review, you can bring your own nearly completed application. In return, you commit yourself to attending two further sessions in which draft applications of other researchers are discussed. Even if you don't think you are nearing completion of your application, you may still take part in Peer Review sessions in order to gather valuable experiences for your work on your application.

If you are interested in taking part, please send an email to nachwuchs@uni-bielefeld.de and we will add you to our pool of researchers.


15 June 2020
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