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Qualification Programme

+PhD Information session "Theme days "PhD: yea or nay?"

Once a year, the theme days explore basic topics and questions underlying a decision for or against embarking on a doctoral degree through various forms. A panel discussion examines the general, interdisciplinary aspects of undertaking a doctoral degree from different perspectives: researchers, young researchers working at the University as well as doctoral candidates share their experiences and views. Additional workshops and platforms on specific-subject areas round off the events. All prospective doctoral candidates at Bielefeld University are welcome to take part.

Please visit the event pages of the Service Center for Young Researchers for the latest information.

+ Events on PhD Scholarships

One way to fund a PhD is to apply for a scholarship at the ?Begabtenförderungswerke? (organisations in Germany for the promotion of young talents). The Service Center for Young Researchers holds information sessions once a semester on funding organisations, their scholarships and their application procedures. In additional workshops you can also get to grips with writing an application for a PhD scholarship.

Please visit the event pages of the Service Center for Young Researchersfor the latest information.

+ Staff development for researchers and teachers (PEP)

On the PEP webpages you can find a wide range of training opportunities for academics in the fields of research, teaching and e-learning, management and teamwork, careers, internationalisation and languages as well as equal opportunities and diversity. The courses, which develop professional and academic competences, are open to all researchers and teachers at Bielefeld University.

Simply follow the link for a list of current workshops, seminars and events on offer at PEP.


15 June 2020
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