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Being Employed at Bielefeld University

If you plan to work at Bielefeld University, you should gather information regarding the necessary work regulations as early as possible. Teaching staff, scientific personnel, and assistants at higher education institutes or public research institutes funded exclusively or predominantly by public funds are exempted from applying for a work permit. However, when applying for the visa you should indicate whether you will be financed by a scholarship or by a work contract. This exemption will be entered in your passport.

Please note that only teaching staff, scientific personnel, and assistants at higher education institutes are exempt from applying for a work permit. If your spouse is planning to take up employment in Germany outside academia, s/he will have to apply for both a work permit and residency visa at the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your home country. You will find more information about this in the section "Bringing your Family"

More information about "employment permit" in Germany can be found here:

->  Federal Employment agency

->   Eures - The European Job Mobility Portal

->  Germany for Researchers

English translations of employment documents

To assist you, we provide English translations of the most important employment documents and forms. Please note that these translations are for information purposes only. Only the German-language documents are legally binding, so please do not fill in the samples, only the originals!

+ List of Documents to be submitted together with employment contract
+ Personal Questionnaire
+ Record of the obligation of persons without the status of civilservant
+ Instructions (Belehrung)
+ Annex to contract for lecturers with specific duties
+ Annex to employment contract for scientific employees
+ Supplementary information for Employment as scientific employee

For further questions, please contact the Personnel Department.


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