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Current status of application procedure

  • Appointment offer to the first-placed candidate (21.07.2020)
Due to success within the “Bund-Länder-Programm zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses” (german tenure track programme),the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies at Bielefeld University is seeking to fill a vacancy of either a

W1 Professorship with tenure track to W2 or a W2 temporary Professorship with tenure track to W2 for Digital Linguistics (with a specialization on spoken language and multimodality)

at the earliest possible opportunity.

The successful applicant (f/m/d) examines linguistic research questions with methodological approaches of digital linguistics, at least one research focus should be on spoken language, audiovisual and multimodal language data.

The successful applicant (f/m/d) is conversant with current methodological approaches within the field of digital humanities and has an interest in language interaction research and knowledge of the relevant multimodal methods.
We expect documented experience of joint research projects and of acquiring project grants. The successful candidate is willing and able to join faculty- and university-wide collaborations within the field of digital humanities in the context of data labs and research data management. We also expect a willingness and ability to cooperate on joint research projects in which the Bielefeld Linguistics Group is currently involved (e.g., the Cluster of Excellence “Cognitive Interaction Technology”; the Center of Inter-American Studies; the SFB “Practices of comparing”; the research network “dialogue structures” as well as new research initiatives).

The successful applicant has comprehensive, suitable teaching experience and will be responsible for teaching and supervision of students from the linguistics bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs as well as the masters program of interdisciplinary media studies (Interdisziplinäre Medienwissenschaft), including courses on text technology. We expect the successful applicant to be willing and able to teach in English and German.

Preconditions for the professorship are a university degree in a relevant field, pedagogical aptitude, a doctorate, and further academic achievements. These will be evaluated exclusively and comprehensively in the appointment procedure (§ 36 Higher Education Act [HG]).

In the case of a full-time W1 professorship, the appointment will initially be limited to three years with the possibility of renewal for a further three years after a positive interim evaluation. In the case of a positive tenure evaluation last year, the subsequent takeover is intended for a permanent W2 professorship. The W2 position is limited to five years. After appointment, a target agreement will be formulated. With a positive evaluation in the last year, the subsequent takeover will be for a permanent W2 professorship. The inter / tenure evaluations are regulated in the statutes for the conduct of W1 professorships with tenure track / W2 professorships with tenure track.

W1/W2 tenure tracks are a firmly established equal-opportunity employment variant at Bielefeld University. Tenure track professors are offered a target-group-specific personnel development programme providing support when first coming to Bielefeld, in preparing for the interim evaluation, in preparing for the tenure evaluation, and in organizing – after a positive evaluation – the transitional phase to a W2 professorship.

Applications from suitably qualified handicapped and severely handicapped persons are explicitly encouraged.

Bielefeld University has received a number of awards for its achievements in the provision of equal opportunity and has been recognized as a family-friendly university. The university welcomes applications from women. This is particularly true with regard both to academic and technical posts as well as positions in Information Technology and Craft. Applications are handled according to the state's equal opportunity statutes.

Please direct any queries to apl. Prof. Dr. Joana Cholin ( joana.cholin@uni-bielefeld.de).

Applications must include: cover letter, curriculum vitae, two-page concept of research and teaching, list of publications with up to 10 of the most important highlighted, copies of diplomas, list of courses and lectures given.

Please send applications electronically as a single PDF-document) until September 30, 2019 to:

Bielefeld University
Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies
Postfach 10 01 31
D-33501 Bielefeld


Please note that risks to confidentiality and unauthorized access by third parties cannot be ruled out when communicating via unencrypted e-mail. Information on the processing of personal data can be found at https://www.uni-bielefeld.de/Universitaet/Aktuelles/Stellenausschreibungen/2019_DS-Hinweise_englisch.pdf