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Current status of application procedure

  • Selection procedure by appointment committee
Due to success within the “Bund-Länder-Programm zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses” (german tenure track programme) the Faculty of Mathematics of Bielefeld University invites applications for the position of

Professor (W2 Tenure Track W2) of Mathematics,

starting as soon as possible

We are looking for a candidate who

  •  has an outstanding track record of research in the subject area Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory or Topology, that will expand the   Faculty‘s research profile,
  • has experience in research collaborations with other mathematical disciplines,
  • contributes to research, teaching and academic administration of the Faculty,
  • actively participates in the  Faculty‘s current and future collaborative research initiatives,
  • is open for research collaborations with scientists from the Faculty of Mathematics and from other departments of Bielefeld University
Formal requirements for appointments are detailed in paragraph 36 of the "Hochschulgesetz" of the state of North-Rhine Westfalia.( https://recht.nrw.de/lmi/owa/br_text_anzeigen?v_id=10000000000000000654)

The W2 appointment is limited to five years with a target agreement being formulated after the appointment. A positive evaluation in the final year will then lead to a permanent W2 professorship.
Evaluations are regulated according to the statutes for tenure track W2 professorships.

W2 tenure tracks are a firmly established equal-opportunity employment variant at Bielefeld University. Tenure track professors are offered a target-group-specific personnel development programme providing support when first coming to Bielefeld, in preparing for the interim evaluation, in preparing for the tenure evaluation, and in organizing – after a positive evaluation – the transitional phase to a permanent W2 professorship.

Applications from suitably qualified disabled people are explicitly encouraged.

Bielefeld University has received a number of awards for its achievements in the provision of equal opportunity and has been recognized as a family friendly University. The University welcomes applications by women. This applies particularly to both academic and technical posts as well as positions in information technology. Applications are subject to the provisions of the state’s equal opportunity statutes.

The submission deadline for applications is December 18, 2019.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a 2-page research and teaching concept and a publication list highlighting three outstanding research publications. They can be submitted by e-mail (optionally PGP-encrypted: https://www.math.uni-bielefeld.de/~bewerbung/pubkey.asc; fingerprint: 064A 9B7A 8197 8140 FA77 EF11 74F4 5886 3D4E 426E) to:


or by regular mail to:

Bielefeld University
Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics
P.O. Box 100131
D-33501 Bielefeld

Applicants are asked not to send in original documents, as these cannot be returned.

Please note that risks to confidentiality and unauthorized access by third parties cannot be ruled out when communicating via unencrypted e-mail. Information on the processing of personal data can be found at  https://www.uni-bielefeld.de/Universitaet/Aktuelles/Stellenausschreibungen/2019_DS-Hinweise_englisch.pdf