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Sport for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses are also very welcome on the University Sports Programme. Not every course is equally suited to all and involves, for example, facilities that are not barrier-free. Students who are interested in a particular course can contact Dr. Marc Samson-Baudisch (Managing Director of University Sports). He will discuss all questions and needs with the course leader and clarify the possibilities of participation. In addition, the University Sports Service also offers the following specialised sports courses for students with disabilities:


Wheelchair sports (basketball)

Thur. 8pm - 9.30pm

UNI I - III (sports hall(s), P01 - area)


Wheelchair sports (table tennis)

Mon. 4pm - 8pm, Weds. 4pm - 8pm

P01 - 200; HSP-Gym


For more information on sports courses on offer for wheelchair users (table tennis and basketball) please contact Ms Astrid Fröhlich, telephone: + 49 (0) 5232 8587629.