Introducing the University Sports Service Bielefeld



At the University Sports Service Bielefeld we provide opportunities for students and staff to participate in sport near to their place of work or study. Established as an operational unit in accordance with § 3 (5) of the Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz [Freedom of institutes of higher education act] we fulfill an educational remit through qualified measures. We offer an extensive and varied sports programme with more that 60 different sports that is used by many thousands of students and staff as well as the alumni network of Bielefeld University and the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

Who can use our service?

We also want to help ensure that Bielefeld University and the FH Bielefeld offer attractive learning and social environments, in addition to excellent teaching and research. The University Sports Service makes an important contribution to this and has a lasting influence on the study, research and working environments of the Universities. In addition, the University Sports Service provides a space for student involvement through its course programme and in this way opens up a whole range of opportunities, which can equip students with life and career skills.


The University Sports Service has the following aims and core missions:

  • Enable individual development in exercise, sports and games
  • Encourage the health and health awareness of all participants
  • An integrative effect, regardless of gender, origin or class
  • Encourage and promote social contact at place of study
  • Encourage social competences and enable individual qualification in the areas of responsibility, tolerance, fairness and equality
  • Represent Bielefeld University through competitive teams and sportsmen/ sportswomen


How do we realise our goals?

Quality lies at the foundation of our course programme. Because of this we place great importance on the further qualification and individual development of course trainers. We take up innovation and trends in sport and focus on the continual education and training of course leaders, working closely with institutions and sports associations.

As a partner university of elite sports, we promote competitive sports and support the function of elite athletes as positive role models. Elite students studying here value us as a dependable and engaged partner, which supports them in balancing the dual responsibilities of study and elite sports.

Our partners in Elite Sports

We are a steadfast partner and participate actively in sports networks. We work particularly intensively with the Department of Sports Science at Bielefeld University. We also cooperate with the Stadtsportbund Bielefeld (Sports federation Bielefeld) and the City of Bielefeld on a regional level, and the NRW State Conference for University Sports and the German University Sports Federation on a national level.

Do you have any questions or suggestions for us?