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Genome-based Systems Biology

Owing to its interdisciplinary tradition Bielefeld University offers an outstanding infrastructure for a successful Master's degree in Genome-Based Systems Biology. This course gives access to a new interdisciplinary research field, systems biology, where molecular life science and modern physico-chemical techniques and mathematic-bioinformatic methods synergize. In this way the logic of life can be traced. This research oriented Master's course, with less then 20 students per academic year, enables an intensive supervision and sufficient time to learn the use of complex instruments and evaluate and analyze complex data.

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Insight into Genome-based Systems Biology


What do students think about their degree programme? Learn more about good reasons to study Genome-based Systems Biology ...

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Systems biology and Astrobiology

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Dr. Petra Lutter
Mathematical Methods in
Systems Biology
Proteom and Metabolom Research


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