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All official information on the current status, regulations concerning the coronavirus and links to other support pages can be found on the following website:

Information on the service situation of the Student Office

We ask for your understanding that from now on and until further notice personal visits to the service units (e.g. Student Office, Examination Office, Info Point, ZSB etc.) are no longer possible, so that questions and concerns can only be answered by e-mail or via our service hotline +49 521 106 66 66.

All applications, forms and other documents can be sent to us as usual by post or fax. Provided that the original is submitted subsequently, the Student Office also accepts the submission of signed documents by email in particularly urgent cases until further notice. If it is not possible to certify your documents at the moment, you can submit a copy to the Student Office until further notice - and only if the original is submitted later.

Please understand that there may be delays in the processing of your requests by the Student Office.

Last update: 08.07.2020

Semester fee

Is the semester fee going to be reduced, seeing as the upcoming winter semester is not going to take place in the form of a presence semester?

The upcoming winter semester will in all likelihood not be like semesters were before the corona pandemic. The recent Tönnies incident has illustrated clearly how fragile the situation is. Nevertheless, it is our intention to offer more lectures and seminars with physical attendance, especially for first semester students. The development of the pandemic will have to be closely monitored.

However, the semester fee, as was the case for the summer semester, will be levied for the winter semester as usual.

Is there an option to forgo the semester ticket and thereby reduce the semester fee by the amount paid for the semester ticket, in the case of the winter semester being online only again?

Unfortunately, there is no such option. Paying the entire amount of the semester fee is required to complete re-registration. There are contracts between the student body and public transport services regarding the semester tickets that are binding and need to be fulfilled. However, in cases of hardship the AStA – as has always been the case – offers the possibility to apply for an exemption from the semester ticket.

What are the intended purposes of the semester fee in this and the upcoming semester? Many of the services it is usually intended for are not available

The university forwards the semester fee to the AStA, the Studierendenwerk and the transport companies. There the contribution is used for the services of the Studierendenwerk (various advisory services including BAföG, student housing, etc.), the AStA (social loans, etc.) as well as the ticket offer. The NRW-Ticket and the semester ticket can be used; trains, trams and buses are running.

Start of the semester & deadlines

Why was the start of the winter semester postponed if it is also to take place online?

The start of the winter semester lectures (for first semester students 2.11.2020 and for already enrolled students on 26.10.2020) has been postponed mainly because the application deadlines have been postponed due to the late Abitur examinations, or because it might not be possible to complete all study and examination papers in the regular way, e.g. to change to the Master's programme.

Will the deadlines for enrolment and transfer to free-admission programmes and for applying for the transcript of records also be postponed?

So far, there are no plans to postpone the enrolment deadline. However, it is quite generous compared to other universities. The general deadline for the winter semester 2020/21 is 15.11.2020. However, please note the (acceptance) deadlines that are stated in the notices of admission in subjects with restricted admission. It has not yet been decided whether there will be another extension of the enrolment deadline for the winter semester. We will have to wait and see how things develop.

Notes on Unicard and the semester ticket

Bielefeld University has decided by e-mail from the Rector today that personal visits to the service facilities are no longer possible until further notice. This also includes the info point where you can regularly pick up and validate your UniCard.

If you have not yet picked up your UniCard, it will be validated and sent to you by post. However, this can only be done once you have taken the necessary steps to issue the UniCard (photo upload). Please be a little patient afterwards.

Please note that you will only be sent a unicard, if you have never previously had a card from Bielefeld University. Those, who have previously had an employee ID card, have ever been enrolled at Bielefeld University or have previously had a library card as a regular user or a guest student, must send this card to the university's Infopunkt, Student's registry's office, before they can get a new student's unicard. If you should still possess a unicard, you can even validate and continue to use it. In cases of lost cards, please contact the Zentrale Leitstelle.

It has been agreed with the public transport companies that the semester ticket can be replaced by presenting the NRW ticket and an identity card. You can still print out the NRW-Ticket yourself.

Emergency childcare for single parents

By decision of the state government, schools and daycare facilities for children have been closed since Monday, 16 March 2020. From 27 April 2020, children of single parents can be admitted to emergency groups. This applies to single parents who are employed or who are in the process of taking their final exams as part of a school or university education. The ordinance on protection against new infections with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the area of care infrastructure can be found here (in german).

Current information provided by the city administration of Bielefeld on the subject of emergency childcare can be found here (in german). Those who already have a confirmation dated 16 March or later don’t need a new one. If your child is in daycare in a different city, please ask there first if a special form is required. If that is not the case you can use the neutral template below:

The following assumptions are made for the fulfilment of the eligibility requirements for single parents:

  • For all students: You’re enrolled at Bielefeld University for the current summer semester as a regular student (“Haupthörer”) and are not on leave of absence for the current summer semester,
  • For BA students: You’re entitled if you are at least in the fifth semester* in the SoSe 2020,
  • For MA students: You’re entitled if you are at least in the third semester* in the SoSe 2020,
  • For state examination students: You’re entitled if you are at least in the ninth semester* in the SoSe 2020.
  • PhD students about to submit their dissertation or disputation should contact the relevant doctoral committee of the faculty to get their certificate issued.

* The number of semesters refers to the degree program you’re currently enrolled in (“Fachsemester”), not your university semesters.

Pre-studying and preliminary enrolment in a Master’s program

The possibility of pre-study has been extended for all Master's programs without admission restrictions. You can find more information here (in german).

Especially in the case of Master's programs with restricted admissions, provisional enrolment is possible for particularly important reasons. This is the case if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. an admission for the summer semester 2020 was granted and
  2. a certificate issued by the examination office (Prüfungsamt) is present, declaring that, in the case of a regular course of study, the degree would in all likelihood have been achieved by 15 May 2020, and the only reason it was not achieved by then was because of corona-related exam cancellations in March 2020 or later.

The above mentioned certificates can be submitted to the Student Office (Studierendensekretariat) together with the usual documents for enrollment/registration until 31 May 2020.

For re-registration for the winter semester 2020/21, you must prove successful completion of your Bachelor's degree. To avoid paying a late fee, please pay the semester fee for re-registration in due time. You can then provide proof of your degree until 15 November 2020. The re-registration will only be carried out after you have provided proof of your degree.

Leave of absence due to an economic emergency

In deviation from the enrolment regulations, a leave of absence due to economic hardship can also be granted if a leave of absence due to economic hardship has already been granted in the previous semester. The application for leave of absence for the summer semester 2020 can be submitted to the Student Office (Studierendensekretariat) until 31 May 2020.

Financial and social emergency

In special cases, especially in case of financial and social hardship, students can apply not to pay the semester fee for the summer semester 2020 if they complete their studies on schedule in the summer semester 2020. Students are then nevertheless entitled to take examinations in the summer semester 2020. They are managed by the Student Office (Studierendensekretariat) in the same way as registered students.

This means that the basic requirements for enrolment must still be met. Students will receive the usual semester certificate for the summer semester 2020. In case of a later de-registration, the summer semester 2020 will be listed like a regular semester in the presentation of the course of studies.

If you have already re-registered for the summer semester 2020 by paying the semester fee and are making use of this option, please inform us of this when you apply.

Please contact the Student Office (Studierendensekretariat) by 31 May 2020 and submit the following documents as proof of your financial and social emergency:

  • Proof of the scheduled completion of studies in the summer semester 2020 (confirmation from the examination office)
  • Bank statements of the last three months
  • a written declaration describing your financial and social situation and, and proof thereof if possible