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Perceptions of Inclusion Questionnaire (PIQ)

The Perceptions of Inclusion Questionnaire (PIQ) is a reliable, valid and very economical method to capture the emotional, social and competence-based relatedness - as central dimensions of inclusion - of students in 3rd to 9th grade. 

The PIQ comprises 12 items and exists in three versions : one for students, one for parents and one for teachers. The questionnaire was developed by Venetz, Zurbriggen and Eckhart (2014) and is a short version of the German “Questionnaire for assessing dimensions of integration of students" (Fragebogen zur Erfassung von Dimensionen der Integration von Schülern; FDI) by Haeberlin, Moser, Bless and Klaghofer (1989).

Please cite the instrument as follows:

Venetz, M., Zurbriggen, C. L. A., Eckhart, M., Schwab, S., & Hessels, M. G. P. (2015). The Perceptions of Inclusion Questionnaire (PIQ). English Version. Retrieved from www.piqinfo.ch

The questionnaires can be used freely, but please inform us about your research. We strongly value research cooperation. Please also send us your publications in which you mention or use the instrument, to reference them on our website and to advance scientific discussion.

Please note that if you are interested in translating the questionnaire into another language or in creating electronic versions, you will need our previous approval. Please contact us through the addresses on the page Team.