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+  Who is this offer for?

The FSZ language-learning program is available to students of all faculties as well as employees of Bielefeld University and - within a limited context - to students and employees of FH Bielefeld who register as guests in the ekVV for university courses, for example with "Fhklaus.mustermann". Students with particular curriculum requirements take precedence when allocating spaces.

Due to organisational reasons employees of Bielefeld University are asked to register as guests in the eKVV as well, but with the prefix MA (e.g. MAerika.musterfrau).

The program is not available to older or visiting students. There is no legal claim to any type of course in our language-instruction catalogue or a place in any of the courses we offer. In addition, even after allocation courses can be cancelled or dates changed.
+  Language Course Admission Rules

In principle the following persons are eligible:
  • Regular students of Bielefeld University
  • Employees of Bielefeld University
  • Regular students of FH Bielefeld
  • Employees of FH Bielefeld
  • Doctoral students of Bielefeld University
  • Exchange students of Bielefeld University
  • Exchange students of FH Bielefeld
For individual courses, one must meet certain requirements:
  • Placement test
  • Module requirements
If we receive more applications per course than places available, places will be allocated based on the following criteria:
  • Course priority marked by the applicants
  • Applicants' curricular duties
  • Applicants' age of matriculation number
  • Students preparing for semester abroad
  • Case of hardship (under certain circumstances in an individual case)
  • Students who have already taken more classes than average, will be given lower priority.
Not eligible for courses:
  • Observers
  • Participants in the STUDIEREN AB 50 programme
  • Visiting students
+  Credit points for taking language courses.
In many university courses of study credit points from language courses can be credited within the individuellen Ergänzung (elective courses). According study regulations up to 30 LP in individual elective classes can be credited.