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Equality, gender, diversity & family in the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine

Bielefeld University has developed an equal opportunities and gender strategy which is being applied during the establishment of the Medical Faculty and will be continuously adapted to address new developments. Currently, Bielefeld University is also introducing a university-wide diversity policy that aims to involve the entire institution, including the new Medical Faculty, in the task of promoting diversity. Bielefeld University is also certified as a family-friendly university.

Equality principles

Bielefeld University has set itself the task to implement equality measures to an exemplary degree throughout the new Medical Faculty. Thus, it seeks to make a sustainable contribution to the further development of a university and research culture that promotes gender equality in the field of Medicine.

In order to achieve equality across the board, attention will be paid to both the proportion of women (at the Faculty) and the presence of "gender" as a category in research subjects and teaching content (e.g. gender inequalities, specific living and working conditions of women). This is meant to signal that providing health care from the perspective of gender equality is of the utmost importance.

Approaches to diversity

Bielefeld University values the diversity of people who work, study, teach and research here and fosters their abilities, talents and competences. The potential arising from diversity and heterogeneity is recognised by the University as positive force for activating innovative and creative processes in research, teaching, work and study.

To this end, Bielefeld University aspires to create an environment that is free from structures, actions and prejudices that cause discrimination. It wants all of its members, whether in the area of study, research or administration to feel valued and respected, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic or socio-cultural origin, religion, ideology, disability or (chronic) illness, age and sexual orientation.

Fields of action for gender equality

1 | Far above-average ratio of female professors

Bielefeld University's declared objective is to achieve an above-average proportion of female professors compared to other medical locations, and to attract a large number of female professors for the establishment of the Medical Faculty and its future work. Therefore, the University is employing a highly ambitious gender equality policy during the establishment of the Faculty. The aim is to build on the success of the gender-sensitive appointment strategy which has been established across the University.

To this end, the Faculty will employ the University's established recruitment strategy which promotes gender equality. Bielefeld would therefore like to expressly encourage qualified female applicants to apply.

2 | Gender equality in the promotion of young researchers

Female students and researchers of the Medical Faculty are fostered from the very start of their studies. All courses and services for young researchers at Bielefeld University are designed with gender equality in mind. In addition, the University is developing effective instruments to ensure that academic success and career advancement in research is obtainable for women. Existing equality actions and instruments are to be adapted to the Medical Faculty's particular conditions.

3 | Gender equality activities in the clinics

It is important to Bielefeld University that the collaborating clinics initiate and implement equality and gender aspects in research and teaching at an early stage.
Gender and diversity in research and teaching

1 | Gender and diversity in research

Bielefeld University recognises the importance of gender equality and diversity for the institution and seeks to promote these in an exemplary manner across all fields of research. It therefore plans to incorporate topics relating to gender-specific medicine and diversity in clinical and medical-theoretical research. Future professors are expected to include gender and diversity considerations in all aspects of research and teaching.

2 | Gender and diversity in teaching

The University plans to systematically integrate gender equality and diversity aspects in teaching by making it obligatory that teaching content and learning aims related to gender and diversity are represented in the curriculum. Gender is a category of diversity with great relevance and shall be systematically combined with other relevant diversity aspects. This will ensure that all factors that contribute to or influence the development of an illness are considered.

Family-friendly university

The University of Bielefeld has received several awards for its achievements in gender equality and is certified as a family-friendly university.

TheFamily Service of Bielefeld University is the point of contact and advice for all questions concerning the compatibility of studies/research/work and family. Students and employees with family responsibilities receive:

  • a comprehensive, confidential consultation
  • information on courses and services tailored to their status-specific needs
  • advice on family-friendly organisation of work and study.

Dual Career Service: The Family Service also offers partners of employees at the University advice on work, childcare and information on everyday life in Bielefeld.

Contact details

Pia Brocke, M.A.
Gender Equality Medizin
ICB D3-105