The Department

Welcome to the philosophy department of Bielefeld University. The department is a thriving place for philosophical research across a broad spectrum of philosophical disciplines and topics. The department also strives for excellence in teaching philosophy, offering a full spectrum of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. A number of these are open to students with little or no knowledge of German, given that candidates are proficient in English.

If you want to learn more about research projects and study programs at Bielefeld, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please direct any inquiry about the department to the acting head of department, Prof. Christian Nimtz Please direct any inquiries about studying philosophy in Bielefeld to the dean of study, Prof. Ralf Stoecker. Please direct any specific inquiry about philosophical research in Bielefeld to the respective head of the relevant research group.

Postal address: Abteilung Philosophie (Department of Philosophy), Universität Bielefeld, Postfach 100131, 33501 Bielefeld, -Germany-



Research at Bielefeld

Most of the research activities at the department are focused in seven research groups, clustered around the six professorships at the department and the lecturership for teaching philosophy. The research groups bring together senior researchers with PhD-candidates working in the relevant areas, and they are also open to master-students aiming to pursue a course of study focused on a specific discipline in philosophy.

If you want to take a closer look at the research projects pursed at the department, please check the websites of the respective research groups as well as the personal webpages of the people working at the department. You'll find a full list here.

The department participates in the "Institute for the Interdisciplinary Studies of Science" (I2SoS), and it is part of the DFG research training group "Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research" (GRK 2073).

Head of Research Group       

Research Group

Prof. Ralf Stoecker
Chair for Practical Philosophy
personal website
Practical Philosophy
Prof. Véronique Zanetti
Chair for Political Philosophy
personal website
Political Philosophy & the Philosophy of Law
Prof. Michaela Rehm
Chair for History of Philosophy & Practical Philosophy
personal website
History of Philosophy
Prof. Christian Nimtz
Chair for Theoretical Philosophy
personal website
Theoretical Philosophy
Prof. Martin Carrier
Chair for Philosophy of Science
personal website
J.-Prof. Marie Kaiser
Junior Professorship for Philosophy of Science
personal website
Philosophy of Science
Dr. Kinga Golus
Lecturer in Teaching Philosophy
personal website
Teaching Philosophy



Studying in Bielefeld: BA and Master's Programs

On the undergraduate and graduate level Bielefeld University offers four study programs. For information on the admission requirements for the programs, please contact the dean of studies Prof. Ralf Stoecker.

  1. Undergraduate program leading to a BA in philosophy (proficiency in German required). Further information here.
  2. Undergraduate/graduate teaching career program leading to a "Master of Education" (proficiency in German required). Further information here.
  3. Graduate program leading to an MA in philosophy. This program can be pursued with a dedicated focus on a specific area of philosophy, e.g. practical philosophy, theoretical philosophy, or the philosophy of science, and it allows for English-only projects. If you are interested, please contact the head of the relevant research group for further information. You can do so at an early stage. You will find that everyone here is willing to discuss your plans even before you have a well worked out plan for the course of your master. For further information on the general course of study, see here.
  4. Graduate program leading to an MA in "History, Economics, and Philosophy of Science". This program offers a dedicated international track which is exclusively taught in English.
    Further information here.



Doctoral Studies Program

The department offers a lively environment for post-graduate research work in all areas of philosophy.

At our department, all PhD-candidates are individually supervised from the very beginning of their work. There are no mandatory courses for PhD-candidates. Each candidate rather agrees with his or her supervisor on an individually assigned schedule of activities supplementing the supervised written work - e.g., on which and how many conferences to attend over the course of the thesis, when and where to present her work, etc.

Doctoral students are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the respective research group their project is linked to, to attend the departmental colloquium, and to quite generally make the most of the various research-oriented academic activities (workshops, reading groups, etc.) at the department.

If you are interested in a PhD in philosophy at Bielefeld University, please contact the head of the relevant research group you see yourself working with (see above). You can do so at a very early stage. Everyone here is willing to discuss your plans even before you have a well worked out doctoral project.

Command of German is no prerequisite for a successful PhD in philosophy at Bielefeld. For information on the formal admission requirements for the doctoral studies programs, please contact the dean of studies Prof. Ralf Stoecker.

In general, the department cannot offer funding for PhD-students. But there will be paid positions for PhD-students in third-party funded research projects.

Presently, two paid PhD-positions at Bielefeld form a part of the DFG research training group "Integrating Ethics and Epistemology of Scientific Research" (GRK 2073) chaired by Prof. Dr. Torsten Wilholt (Leibniz Universität Hannover) and co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Martin Carrier (Bielefeld University).

See here for details, and for further PhD-positions (if any) presently advertised by the training group.




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