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Dr. Christoph Kiefer

Postal address Bielefeld University
Faculty of Psychology and Sport Science
Universitätsstraße 25
33615 Bielefeld
Room T4-238
Phone +49 (0)521 106-4508
+49 (0)521 106-154508
Email christoph.kiefer@uni-bielefeld.de


Christoph Kiefer studied psychology and mathematics at the FernUniversität Hagen and TU Braunschweig. After finishing his master degree in psychology (2016), he pursued his doctoral studies at the unit of Psychological Methods at the RWTH Aachen. In 2020, he received his Ph.D. at the RWTH Aachen for a dissertation on causal and statistical inference on count outcomes. Since then, he is a postdoctoral researchers at Bielefeld University.
Research interests focus on: Causal Inference for Count and Binary Outcomes, Longitudinal Models for Nested Datasets, Cross-classification, Structural Equation Modelling