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Information on the study programme

This is where you can find a whole range of information on studying Work and Organisational Psychology within the BSc and MSc programmes of Bielefeld University.


Bachelor Programme

You can study Work and Organisational Psychology in our accredited BSc programme in two successive courses (module O and module R). In module O you get an introduction to Work and Organisational Psychology. It focuses on fundamental principles of, job demands and job satisfaction, job analysis, counterproductive work behavior, job motivation, personnel selection, assessment, and development as well as leadership and group processes in organizations, among other things. The advanced seminars of module R provide opportunity for intensive engagement with various fields of Organizational and Applied Social Psychology, including leadership and communication, work groups and teamwork, creativity and innovation in organizations, cognitive ergonomics, or processes of persuasion in marketing and advertising.

Master Programme

At Bielefeld University, the Psychology BSc programme can be followed by a Master's programme in the field of Work and Organisational Psychology (two modules). In module F "Work and Organisational Psychology [Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie]" (section: human resources development) you learn how to develop needs-based interventions (such as trainings) and work design methods in the field of Work and Organisational Psychology. These are then implemented, applied and evaluated in one of our cooperation partners in business. In module G, "Personnel and Applied Social Psychology [Personal- und Angewandte Sozialpsychologie]" (section: personnel selection) you first get to know various instruments for aptitude assessment. Next, based on a task analysis for an external cooperation partner, you develop an instrument within the scope of personnel psychology (e.g. a structured recruitment interview) and implement the instrument in practice. In addition to these two modules with practical application, it is also possible to register for module D "Project Work [Projektarbeit]". In this module, you study and empirically test scientific or practice-oriented questions in small teams over the course of two semesters. Finally, you can register for module C "Assessment [Gutachtenveranstaltung]" and of course it is possible to write your MSc thesis under our supervision. You will find further information under the menu item "Final Theses".

You can find a brief description of the modules F and G (in German) in the magazine markt & wirtschaft, edition 01/2017.