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Bielefeld University is a research-intensive and internationally oriented university with more than 24,000 students and over 100 degree programmes. There are 14 faculties with a wide range of subjects in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and technology that offer high quality teaching and research. The focus lies on the motto "Transcending Boundaries", the crossing of borders and disciplines. The concept allows freedom for individuality as well as creativity.

The successful completion of a degree requires curiosity and commitment, but also attractive conditions. Bielefeld University combines many advantages to ensure that studying and living in Bielefeld turns out to be a success:

  • Campus university with short distances
  • An excellent university library
  • A wide range of services for student support and career planning
  • Affordable accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the campus
  • A wide range of cultural and leisure activities
  • The Teutoburg Forest right on your doorstep

Studying at a multidisciplinary university in the heart of Paris: The Université de Paris was created in 2019 by a merger of the Universities of Paris Diderot and Paris Descartes with the Institut de physique du globe de Paris. With a total of 14 teaching and research campuses, the Université de Paris offers a wide range of degree programmes and courses in medicine, health sciences, natural sciences and technology, as well as the humanities, economics and social sciences. Of more than 63,000 enrolled students, approximately 11,000 come from abroad, many of them from Germany. Students have access to a modern university infrastructure and a wide selection of major libraries throughout Paris.

More information: https://u-paris.fr/en/

The Università di Bologna is the oldest university in Europe. With about 87,500 students, it not only has a unique historical tradition, but has also been a leader in internationalisation for centuries. More than 6,700 international students attend the highly regarded university in the historic city centre. In the field of history, the Alma Mater ranks among the 100 best universities worldwide. With more than 210 degree programmes, the university in the regional capital offers a diverse and exciting range of courses.

More information: www.unibo.it

With more than 700 years of history, Sapienza (engl. wisdom) is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It has more than 115,000 students, 5,000 teachers, 2,000 technical and administrative staff and more than 1,500 hospital administrators.  The mission of Sapienza is to contribute to the development of the knowledge society through excellent research and teaching as well as international collaboration.

Sapienza offers more than 280 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, including more than 50 in English, more than 200 postgraduate programmes, about 80 doctoral colleges and another 80 professional schools. It has a total of 11 faculties and 63 departments, as well as numerous other research and service facilities. The university management and central administration are divided into various institutions and sectors.

More information: www.uniroma1.it

The Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG) is the second oldest and second most important university in Mexico. It has fifteen Centros Universitarios (a Centro Universitario corresponds to a campus), which are divided into six Centros universitarios temáticos in Guadalajara and nine Centros universitarios regionales in the state of Jalisco. More than 280,000 students are currently enrolled at UdeG. The university has more than 120 postgraduate programmes and about 200 research groups that are considered outstanding.

The University of Guadalajara is instrumental in organising outstanding cultural events, such as the International Book Fair (FIL) or the International Film Festival (FICG), which transform Guadalajara into a leading centre of Latin American culture.

More information: www.udg.mx