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Peer Mentoring plus

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Within the framework of peer mentoring, doctoral and postdoctoral women researches work together as mentees in small, interdisciplinary groups according to the principle of collegial consultation. In monthly meetings, the peer team works to establish joint solution-oriented perspectives on acute and strategic questions and challenges in connection with their current situation at the university as well as with respect to possible future pathways.

After six months, one or several experienced scientists can be invited by the peers to take part in the meeting as mentors and role models (“plus meeting”). According to the specific needs of the peers, the meeting can address a wide range of topics, such as the career path of the invited guest, insights into the informal rules of academia and the scientific community, tips on resume development as an academic, advice on shaping the next steps, and work-life balance.



An introductory workshop at the beginning and supervision sessions in the middle and at the end of the mentoring programme facilitate a lively exchange within the mentee group, which can serve its members as a trusted and supportive network.


Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of Bielefeld University, all faculties

Number of participants: 10 - 16 mentees

Programme runtime:

September 2020 until June 2021

Please note: The introductory workshop takes place on 10 September 2020. The participation in this event is prerequisite for the participation in the whole programme.

Programme presentation:

03 June 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 am

Registration deadline:

31 July 2020
(a registration form will be provided from June 2020)