Application for postal vote

In order to apply for a postal vote, please fill in this form.

Data for the postal vote

*mandatory fields: In case you do not know your Uni-ID, please take notice of the information in point 9 of the Frequently Asked Questions .

In principal, the postal vote documents are to be sent to the address stored in the Identity Management Portal "Prisma" (for students the relevant address is the one defined as “Korrespondenz – Studium”). Please check your entries if necessary and pay attention to the additional information. In case you are not available during the election period at the named address, you may name another address to which the voting documents will be sent.

My voting documents shall be sent to another address than the one named in the Identity Management Portal “Prisma”:
Alternative address for my voting documents:

In case of further enquiries members of staff of Dezernat SL or BiSEd will contact you via your personal University mailing address.

The interrogated database will be used for the proceedings of the election of the Senate, the Faculty Committees, the Representatives of Student Assistants, the Equal Opportunity Officer and her Deputies as well as the BiSEd-Conference at Bielefeld University. Further information about data privacy can be found here.