Norbert Elias Fellowships

Why Norbert Elias Fellowships? Interview with Véronique Zanetti, Managing Director of ZiF.

For the first time, ZiF announces the Norbert-Elias-Fellowships. What is this?

Véronique Zanetti: The Norbert-Elias Fellowships are aimed at researchers from African countries and offer the possibility to participate in the research groups that take place at ZiF. The Norbert Elias Fellows will live and work with the other Fellows at ZiF, contribute to the research group and also pursue their own projects and expand their networking.

Why is the program aimed at researchers from Africa?

VZ: Because African researchers are blatantly underrepresented in the international scientific community, including at ZiF. We want to counteract this with our fellowship program. We want to build networks that make these researchers more visible. And we also want to increase the diversity of researchers at ZiF. Good research needs a variety of perspectives.

Why is the fellowship program named after Nobert Elias?

VZ: Norbert Elias, the creator of the "Theory of the Civilization Process", worked as a Permanent Fellow at ZiF from 1978 to 1984. After fleeing from the National Socialists, he conducted research first in England and later in the Netherlands. He received his first professorship as a sociologist, philosopher and poet at the University of Accra in Ghana.