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Internal Network Meeting

Kick-off Workshop in Mainz, April 28 - April 29 2022




  • Welcome and Organisational Matters
  • Goals and Opportunities of this Network
  • Short Round of Introduction 

14.15-16.45 Break-Out Group Discussion and Plenum Discussion

17-18 Project Presentations: Megha Amrith, Vicktoria Kumala Sakti & Franzisca Zanker

19-21 Dinner and Chats


9-10.30 Group Discussion: New Methods for Data Collection in Times of Covid-19: What works and what doesn't?

10.45-12.45 Group Discussion: Our Expectation for this Network and the coming Meetings

  • Which specific Topics to focus on
  • What Outputs to reach out for (Special issues, Co-Authoring)
  • Who to invite as Guest Speakers

13:00 Lunch and Departure

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