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Common Questions (FAQ)

Foto: Markus Richter / Fakultät für Soziologie

How long must the internship be?

The internship must last at least 6 weeks or 240 working hours.

I do not have the possibility to work full time, how can I still complete my internship?

It is possible to complete the internship part-time. The only important thing is the number of working hours. You must have worked 240 hours at the end.

I worked before / during my studies. Can I have this credited as an internship?

Yes, if the job field had a sociological/social science/political science connection, it can definitely be credited. Unfortunately, we cannot take into account classic student jobs such as waitressing, cashiering, or working in a call center or as a student assistant.

What should I include in the internship report? Do I have to analyze my internship sociologically?

If you are a Bachelor student, you do not have to analyze your internship sociologically. The report is a mixture of an activity description and a theory-practice reflection. You can find more information in the guidelines for the internship report. If you complete an internship in the Master of Sociology or Master of Political Communication you have to write a sociological paper.

I don't have a mentor yet, can I still register and complete my internship?

Yes, you can look for your mentor even after you have completed your internship. However, we recommend that you look for a mentor before you apply. His or her job is to support you and give you advice.

I have finished my internship. What do I do next?

Write the internship report and submit it together with the Praktikumsschein to your mentor. Then come to us with the Praktikumsschein, the report and a confirmation from the internship employer.

In the course of time we will update the FAQ's again and again. If your questions have not been answered yet, please write us a mail or come by.

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