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Why Bielefeld?

You're interested in studying at Bielefeld University?
Making the decision to study abroad might be a bold one, but provides the opportunity to get to know different cultures and languages and develop a global perspective which is becoming more and more important today.

Bielefeld University recognises this and is therefore strongly committed to internationalisation. There are numerous cooperation agreements for research and teaching as well as for student exchange with major institutions around the world.

Choose your direction

ERASMUS and Cooperation Students

All Bielefeld faculties maintain ERASMUS+ Cooperations with various European partner institutions.

Degree-seeking Students

You are considering applying to one of Bielefeld University's degree programmes. Good choice - Bielefeld University offers a wide range of study courses from humanities to natural and technical sciences.

Bielefeld University provides many advantages which contribute to an excellent environment for a good working and studying life:

  • New perspectives and better career opportunities through a broad variety of interdisciplinary study courses
  • Multiple support and services for studies guarantee good integration
  • Top-ranked research in many areas and awards for excellent teaching
  • One of the best libraries in Germany
  • A campus university with institutions in close proximity to one another - "Everything under one roof"
  • Affordable student accommodation in close vicinity to the campus
  • One of the safest major cities in Germany
  • Diverse cultural and leisure time facilities, numerous parks and the Teutoburg Forest right on your doorstep
  • Great service for international students (support in settling in, many institutions especially for international students, assistance in finding accommodation, planning your studies, getting to know fellow students)
  • Very wide range of degree programs to suit your interests and talents
  • Universities focus on excellent research resulting in excellent teaching
  • Close co-operations between university and industry so that a close connection between theory and practice is established
  • Worldwide networks, based on fruitful co-operations with universities all over the world; German degrees are widely accepted and numerous International Degree Programs prepare you for an international career
  • Location 'in the heart of Europe'
  • One of the world's largest and most technologically advanced economies
  • Depending on the federal state, tuition fees are either very low or they do not exist at all

Please find more information on the study system, higher education institutions and life in Germany here: www.study-in.de/en