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Teaching in the winter semester 2020/21

Since this is an online semester, all courses taking place in the summer semester must be adapted to online distance learning formats. Alternative examination formats must also be provided. You can find information about the current planning status here.

We have updated the calendar for study and teaching for the winter semester 20/21. Above all, the publication dates of the courses on the electronic course catalogue (eKVV), the start of a needs-assessment for online study (OBE), and initial room allocation were postponed due to the corona-related measures. You can find the calendar for study and teaching in BIS-Wiki.

You can find an overview of services and support on offer here:

 ➔ https://www.uni-bielefeld.de/elearningmedien



Mailing List

Communication is everything - especially when you can only meet virtually. Here you will find our tips for

Lists of participants and attendance management

Course ‘participants’ and those with access to the learning rooms are displayed via the course register on the electronic course catalogue (ekVV).  In the following, we explain how teaching and office staff can manage course registers.

Access to BIS (Bielefeld Information System)

If you are not sure of your BIS login details or think you have forgotten your password you can go directly to

For new employees

All beginnings can be difficult - especially when your new colleagues are not as close at hand as you would like them to be. Luckily, we can also offer “onboarding” in campus management and an ‘entry’ into IT for teaching and learning, remotely.

Help and Contact

Help pages covering all aspects of BIS software applications can be found in the

For questions and support please contact us directly. Click here for the

During the reduced basic operation at the University, individual examinations as well as research and laboratory placements that cannot be carried out online may be conducted on-site.

On this page, the Facility Management Department [Dezernat FM] has compiled information on the procedures to follow and the corresponding protective hygiene concepts to be observed when organising these events.

If you have any questions about room allocation, please contact the central room allocation office in the Facility Management Department (Dezernat FM).

Questions regarding the organisation of examination events on-site are answered by the Teaching and Study Organisation Team in the Department for University Study and Teaching (Dezernat Studium und Lehre (SL)

During the reduced basic operations at the University, it is still possible for students to sit examinations (normally written examinations) provided that the corresponding protection and hygiene concept is observed. As the organization involved is rather complex, we recommend the use of the eKVV (electronic course catalogue) to support you. 

You can find step-by-step guide to organising on-site examinations in BIS-Wiki

You can use the following checklist for an overview of the steps and to check whether you have everything covered:

  • How many students are expected to sit the examination? You can ask the prospective examination candidates, e.g. via the mailing list for the corresponding course in the eKVV (electronic course catalogue).
  • Have you been allocated a room of suitable size by the Central Room Allocation Service (raumvergabe@uni-bielefeld.de)
  • Have you filled out the protection and hygiene concept that corresponds to the assigned room? This should be sent to the Central Room Allocation Service along with the room request.
  • Has the examination event been published on the eKVV (electronic course catalogue)? Has a registration deadline been set, so as to give you enough time to organise the exam?
  • Have the students registered via the eKVV, so that an attendance list for the examination has been generated?
  • Has the seating-plan function in the eKVV been used to allocate students seats in the examination room? The current regulations on social distance will be automatically applied here.
  • Have the registered students been made aware of the appropriate protection and hygiene concept?
  • Have you provided the students with the most important organisational information on how the written examination will be conducted during the coronavirus pandemic? (e.g. wearing a non-medical face mask, disinfecting hands before entering, observing rules on social-distancing). Students with symptoms of illness are currently not allowed to enter the building. You should also inform the students of this in advance.
  • Do you have enough supervisors to organise students when they enter and leave the examination room?
  • Have you prepared the following documents to put up and display on the day of the examination?
    • “Corona-seating plan” from the electronic course catalogue (eKVV)
    • “Corona-attendance list” with signature field for acceptance of the protection and hygiene concept and confirmation of participation (from the eKVV).
    • Privacy policy (from general information page)
    • Protection and Hygiene measures (from general information page)

Plan how to archive the attendance list in such a way that if the health authorities requested it, you could easily make it available.

If you have any questions regarding examination procedures for Coronavirus (Covid-19), please contact the Teaching and Study Organization team!

A detailed help-page for the individual steps to organise examinations during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) can be found in the BIS-Wiki