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Informationen zu Studium und Lehre im Zusammenhang mit dem Coronavirus

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Teaching in the summer semester 2021

The current 2021 Summer Semester should in general be brought to a close in the format in which it was started (largely online). However, taking into account classroom capacities, instructors can also offer individual courses/meetings in person, provided that this is coordinated and agreed upon with students. Alternative examination formats must also be provided.

Participating in presence-based teaching and practical courses is only allowed if the current hygiene concepts (including social distancing) are followed, and proof of a negative test re-sult is provided. This negative test result must not be older than 48 hours (with the exception of sports and music courses, for which the test must be taken on the day the course is held). Fully vaccinated individuals with proof of vaccination do not need to get tested. In accordance with the Hausrecht law, this testing requirement for teaching and practical courses is to be maintained during the lecture period of the 2021 Summer Semester regardless of the incidence rate. The specific testing scenario for teaching and practical courses was discussed by the Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection Service (AGUS)
5with the respective faculties, and is binding for all participants. In addition, students can also take the free public tests available at the campus testing center, among other places.


You can find information about the current planning status here.

You can find an overview of services and support on offer here:




Mailing List

Communication is everything - especially when you can only meet virtually. Here you will find our tips for

Lists of participants and attendance management

Course ‘participants’ and those with access to the learning rooms are displayed via the course register on the electronic course catalogue (ekVV).  In the following, we explain how teaching and office staff can manage course registers.

Access to BIS (Bielefeld Information System)

If you are not sure of your BIS login details or think you have forgotten your password you can go directly to

For new employees

All beginnings can be difficult - especially when your new colleagues are not as close at hand as you would like them to be. Luckily, we can also offer “onboarding” in campus management and an ‘entry’ into IT for teaching and learning, remotely.

Help and Contact

Help pages covering all aspects of BIS software applications can be found in the

For questions and support please contact us directly. Click here for the

Academic conferences and events can be held again in person starting on 1 September 2021 (and between 1 July and 1 September on a case-by-case basis in consultation with AGUS).

Such events must be in compliance with the applicable requirements (including the Corona-virus Protection Ordinance) and must meet the following conditions:

  • The incidence rate in Bielefeld must be stable and under 50 (i.e. the number of new infections per 100,000 residents must be under 50 during the past 5 business days, which qualifies as level 2 according to the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance of North Rhine-Westphalia)
    • The number of participants must correspond to the occupancy limits of room(s) used.
    • Participants must provide proof of full vaccination, recovery, or a negative test result.
    • A hygiene concept must be created in advance of the event, regulating as-pects such as ventilation and required room size.
    • Regulations on social distancing are to be observed (at fixed seating areas, minimum distances may be exceeded if special contact tracing procedures are in place).

Should changes in rates of infection occur, it is possible that planned conferences and events will have to be cancelled at short notice. In such cases, the university management will make arrangements that are in line with the interests of the participants. Costs incurred due to cancellations will be borne by the organizing institutions.

Complete Organizational decision

In general, oral and written examinations in the Summer Semester can be held as online or in-person examinations, taking into account room occupancy capacities.

For online examinations, the digital formats have already been developed and are available for online exams, including open-book and closed-book formats in the exam Moodle, or using Zoom and a computer lock (safe exam browser). For in-person examinations, the General Order now stipulates that in-person exams are also possible without any further subject-related requirements or justifications, provided that social distancing is maintained and simple contact tracing is performed. This means that there are no longer any restrictions on the formats by which exams should take place (e.g. priority use of digital exams). The exams that have already been registered as in-person can therefore take place in presence without further justification, taking into account applicable hygiene regulations and hygiene protection concepts. Due to limited room capacities, not all examinations will be able to be held in person – some must be held online

Participation in in-person examinations is currently permitted without having to provide a negative test result or undergo a supervised self-test for teaching staff and students because the city of Bielefeld and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are current at an incidence level of 1 (maximum 35 cases per 100,000 inhabitants). There is still, however, an expectation that students get themselves tested in advance of the exam for the safety of all those present. If the incidence rate of 1 is exceeded (maximum 35) in Bielefeld or in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in-person examinations are only allowed to be held with anegative test and/or supervised rapid test. Vaccinated individuals with proof of immunization do not need to get tested. In this scenario, students who do not have proof of a negative test result or vaccination will not be allowed to take an in-person exam.



On this page, the Facility Management Department [Dezernat FM] has compiled information on the procedures to follow and the corresponding protective hygiene concepts to be observed when organising these events.

If you have any questions about room allocation, please contact the central room allocation office in the Facility Management Department (Dezernat FM).

Questions regarding the organisation of examination events on-site are answered by the Teaching and Study Organisation Team in the Department for University Study and Teaching (Dezernat Studium und Lehre (SL)

  • Students who are taking part in permitted courses held in person (in general, natural sciences courses) have to get tested twice per week. For this, the university is provid-ing two free Coronavirus rapid tests.
  • Students who are taking part in permitted sports courses or art classes have to get tested every day the course is held. For this, the university is providing free Corona-virus rapid tests for each day of attendance.
  • Students who have to be present on campus in university buildings (e.g. research for Bachelor/Master theses as part of campus work groups, fellowship recipients, etc.) must get tested at least twice a week. For this, the university is providing two free Coronavirus rapid tests.

In case of a positive Coronavirus rapid test result, students must immediately inform their instructors. If this result is then confirmed positive by PCR test, students must also immedi-ately inform their instructors and send a message to

Further information about Testing (in German)

Student workstations (for studying) located in in the gallery/bridges in the hall of the main university building are anticipated to be available again for use by students starting on 1 September 2021.

Study stations are already currently available for use in the University Library.

Additional student workstations in seminar rooms are available based on the respective capacities of faculties and institutes. Student workstations may only be used by students who have tested (negative) for SARS-CoV-2, or those who are fully vaccinated or recovered. Students must bring a negative Co-rona rapid test, which is not older than 48 hours, or proof of complete vaccination or recov-ery to the workstation. This regulation is based on the Hausrecht law (§ 18 para. 1, sentence 4 HG NRW).

Starting on 1 July 2021, researchers are allowed to work from Home Office or on campus in the facilities of Bielefeld University. When work is performed in university buildings, regulations governing workplace design must be observed. The following continues to apply as an important measure for protecting against infection: only one person is allowed per office (see Point IV in the Organizational Decree). Exceptions to this rule must be cleared with AGUS in advance so that the necessary hygiene protection measures can be taken. Points IV.1 and IV.3 in the Organizational Decree are to be observed. Coordination with AGUS is not required if the individu-als sharing an office are both fully immunized.

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