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Bielefeld University
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Rules for Registering in all University Buildings Starting on October 26th

Students and guest auditors do not register at building entrances, but instead in the places where they will be present for longer periods of time, such as seminar rooms, lecture halls, study areas, the library, the cafeteria, or other areas. To register, you will need to scan a QR-Code using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The library and the cafeteria have their own registration procedures.

Staff members have to register at university building entrances, but only once per day. Staff can register using their Uni-Card (scanner) or by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. For those who do not have a Uni-Card or a smartphone, there are also access sheets that can be submitted in the letterboxes provided.

Guests and workers from external companies no longer need to register at the entrances to university buildings. Instead, it is now the responsibility of the host or contractor at Bielefeld University to document their presence (by taking down their contact information including name, telephone number, email address, and time/date present). Guests and external suppliers who are only present for a short period of time in a university building do not need to register.

Until further notice, there are only three entrances open at the Main University Building (main entrance C01, south-UMV and West P0) and one entrance at Building X (side entrance by the security station).

As a general rule, individuals must practice social distancing by keeping at least 1.5 meters distance from others. A face mask must be worn in university building areas where a minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained as well as in public traffic areas. Individuals with respiratory systems or fever are not allowed on campus (unless their symptoms have been otherwise cleared by a doctor).


More information

The entrances are open on weekdays from 6.45am to 8pm. The University is closed on weekends and public holidays.

... by train

Bielefeld is easy to reach (see below) both by car and by train: every hour an intercity train on the route from Cologne/Bonn to Berlin stops at Bielefeld main station. Then you take "Stadtbahnlinie 4" with direction "Lohmannshof" till "Universität" (7 minutes).

Plan of Bielefeld "Stadtbahn-Netz" (in German)

From the north: You can take the A2 from Hannover to Dortmund, exit at "Bielefeld-Ost", follow the street signs towards the centre ("Zentrum"), and from there the University ("Universität") is signposted.

From the south: You can take the A2 from Dortmund to Hannover. At "Dreieck Bielefeld" on the A33 towards "Bielefeld-Zentrum", exit "Bielefeld-Zentrum", towards Zentrum on the B61, exit "Universität", way over Stapenhorststr., Kurt-Schumacher-Str. (is signposted).

(approx. 190 km from Bielefeld)

At Düsseldorf airport there is a Skytrain which takes you from the terminal to Düsseldorf Airport Rail Station in approx. 5 minutes, departing frequently between 3:45 and 0.45 hours. Depending on the type of train you catch (direct or with change in Hamm or Duisburg) the journey takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours.


Frankfurt am Main
(approx. 320 km from Bielefeld)

There are intercity trains from Frankfurt airport  to Bielefeld (departure at least every hour with a change in Cologne or Hannover - journey time approx. 4 hours).

There is also the possibility of changing planes at Frankfurt and flying from there to Düsseldorf or Hannover. This is generally more expensive and does not necessarily save time.

(approx. 110 km from Bielefeld)

The suburban tram line S5 takes you in 12 minutes from  Hannover airport  to Hannover train station.

Intercity trains from Hannover to Bielefeld leave every hour. The journey takes approx. 50-60 minutes (it is not necessary to change the train).

(approx. 200 km from Bielefeld)

There is an hourly intercity train connection from Köln-Bonn airport to Bielefeld, taking approximately 2 1/2 hours.

(approx. 110 km from Bielefeld)

You can either take a free shuttle bus from Dortmund airport to Holzwickede, which takes about 5 minutes and from there a local train to Bielefeld, changing in Hamm (travel time approx. 1 hour) or you take a shuttle to Dortmund main station (25 minutes) and from there a direct train to Bielefeld (travel time is a bit less than 1 hour).

Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is located very close to the country´s main road network. With just a stone's throw away from the motorways A33 and A 44 you will find excellent road links making access easy and very convenient.