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Call for thesis proposals

We are offering the opportunity to interested students to write their Bachelor/ Master thesis with us. We have set out some suggestions for topics. Each of the following can be written as a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, as appropriate to functional scope. The theses can also be completed as a project within the framework of the Intelligent Systems degree programme.

Please direct any enquiries by email to


1. Visualisation of the .map file format on iOS

The app "UniMaps" uses the .map file format on Android to save maps of the University. This is a compressed version of the OpenStreetMap format, which can be displayed on Android with the help of an open source library. The aim of the Bachelor's/Master's thesis is to develop a parser that enables the use of this format on iOS. To do so, similar projects should be analysed and, if necessary, further developed. If needed, the topic can be extended to a master's thesis.


2. Evaluation of a navigation app with particular focus on accessibility

The Android app "UniMaps" enables accessible navigation within Bielefeld University. Particular attention is paid to the accessibility standards as defined in BITV 2.0 and the Android standards. In the course of the bachelor's/master's thesis, a user study is to be conducted to evaluate the user-friendliness and accessibility.

3. Map building by means of machine learning

The Android app "UniMaps" facilitates accessible navigation within Bielefeld University. The map data of the University was provided in dxf format and must be converted into osm format. Currently, a semi-automatic approach is used for this, which correctly converts the majority of the rooms but still requires a great deal of manual reworking. To minimise the manual input, it is your task to devise a machine learning approach.


4. Positioning by means of beacons

In the future, the app "UniMaps" should be able to determine the location of the user in order to be able to create more precise navigation instructions. A particular challenge here is to determine the location as accurately as possible, also inside buildings. For this reason, the possibility of locating the user by means of beacons distributed in the building is to be discussed and implemented in the model as part of the Bachelor's/Master's thesis.


 5. Intelligent pedometer

To determine the distance walked, "UniMaps" uses a pedometer that is part of the Android API. The number of steps is weighted with an averaged step size to calculate the distance. However, the Android pedometer can only detect steps with a delay of several steps and the step length can vary between people. In this thesis, steps are to be detected directly from the data of the mobile phone gyroscope. In addition, a learning procedure is to be implemented that learns the step length of the user. This should enable accurate distance measurement using the gyroscope.

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