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  • Economic Theory Lunch Seminar

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Economic Theory Lunch Seminar

WinterTerm 2021-2022

Here you can find the dates and topics of past and upcoming talks of the internal economic theory lunch seminar. It will take place approximately every other week at 12.15pm.



Speaker 1: Tim Hellmann - University of Southampton - A behavioural network model of the stock market - room V10-122 at 9 o'clock. Abstract

Speaker 2: Rusinowska Agnieszka - Paris School of Economics -
Degree centrality and externalities in networks - room V10-122 Abstract


29.10.2021 Niki Kotsenko - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Public Information and Sequential Learning in a Bilateral Market - online Abstract


10.12.2021 Alexis Ghersengorin, Paris School of Economics - Reactance: a  Freedom-Based Rational Choice Theory (in presence in room V10-122)


- postponed - 14.01.2022 Frank Riedel, Universität Bielefeld - Efficient Allocations in Identified Models


- conditionally postponed to Tuesday, Feb. 18th (Economics Seminar Slot) -

14.01.2022 Emilien Macault, HEC Paris - Stochastic Consensus and the Shadow of Doubt - Abstract - in presence in lecture hall 3


21.01.2022 Lorenzo Maria Stanca, Northwestern University - Recursive Preferences, Correlation aversion, and the Temporal Resolution of Uncertainty - Abstract - in presence in lecture hall 8


28.01.2022 Jukka Lempa, University of Turku

"A Poisson stopping game with asymmetric information" - Abstract - in presence in lecture hall 8



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