• Economic Theory Lunch Seminar

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Economic Theory Lunch Seminar

Here you can find the dates and topics of past and upcoming talks of the internal economic theory lunch seminar. It will take place approximately every other week at 12.15pm.


Winter Term 2020/2021:


Fri, November 6th - Manuel Förster and Dominik Karos, Universität Bielefeld - Joined Talk (Room: H3) - From predudice to racial profiling and back: A naive intuitive statistician's curse

Fri, December 4th - Giorgio Ferrari, Universität Bielefeld - Taming the Spread of an Epidemic by Lockdown Policies - Abstract

Fri, December 18th - Sofia Mun, Paris School of Economics - An Econometric Estimation of Prospect Theory for Natural Uncertainty

Fri, January 15th - Christopher Kops, Maastricht University (Zoom) - Testing Negative Value of Information and Ambiguity Aversion - Abstract

Fri, January 29th - Max Nendel, Universität Bielefeld - A decomposition of general premium principles into risk and deviation - Abstract


Fri, February 5th - Fernando Alvarez, University of Chicago - Price Setting with Strategic Complementaries as Mean Field Games - Abstract