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Services for Users with Disabilities

Please note: Due to Corona regulations there are several restrictions at the moment, when using the library. Details (in German only).

Elke Neumann

Abteilungsleiterin Geschichtswiss., Soziologie, Philosophie, Theologie, Kunst, Geowissenschaften, Geschlechterforschung

+49 521 106-3035
Gebäude X F1-204

Access to the Library

The library is mainly located on level 1 of the Main University Building (UHG) and in the Building X. The entrances can be accessed with elevators.

Access to the ground level for wheelchair users: if you want to visit the areas C and U please ask for assistance at the respective circulation desk.

  • Circulation desk D1: +49 521 106-3414
  • Circulation desk U1: +49 521 106-3797

Reference Service

The staff in the Reference Department is ready to help and assist you with your literature searches and with obtaining library items through the interlibrary loan service. They will also supply you with leaflets with useful information for users with disabilities.

  • Location: U0 (wheelchair users: please ask at the ciruclation desk in U1 for access to U0)
  • Phone: +49 521 106-4114 (Mon-Fri 8-18)
  • Email: info.ub@uni-bielefeld.de

Library Cards

Users with disabilities may in certain cases engage facilitated and expanded loan conditions. On presenting a severely handicapped pass and on application they can obtain a special library card. The owner of this card will be granted several automatic renewals and a written notice, if a renewal is not possible. Reservations and interlibrary loan orders are free of cost. If they leave their email address in the loan account, the notice will be sent via email.

  • Location: U1 (Entrance of the Law Library)
  • Phone: +49 521 106-4036 (Mon-Fri 8-18)
  • Email: zl.ub@uni-bielefeld.de

Provision of Books

The Reference Department of the Library will gladly assist people with disabilities compile literature. Please submit your requests for literature to the staff of the Reference Department (info.ub@uni-bielefeld.de). The desired boks are then ready for loan or review.


Outside the library, close to the entrances there are lockers for your personal belongings. In order to use them, you need a 2-Euro-coin as deposit.
In front of the entrance U1 on the right lockers 442 and 443 are reserved for users with disabilities. Please get in touch with our staff at the circulation desk in U1.


In area D1, V1 and in building X there is a 90 cm high multifunctional copier (with Scanning Feature).

Height-Adjustable Tables

In area D1 (at the glass façade) as well as in area V1 and the training room (T1-224) an electrically driven height-adjustable table suitable for disabled users has been put up. The tables are equipped with a PC.

Large character keyboards

The height-adjustable desks in D1 and V1 and a PC workstation in building X are equipped with a large character keyboard.