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News & Activities

JUL '20 – A paper investigating seasonal variation in caracaras' activity levels, co-authored by Roland, was accepted for publication in Animal Biotelemetry.

JUN '20 – Jenny is a co-author of a new preprint on sex-specific variation in the diving behaviour of Weddell seals.

MAY '20 – Roland will be a PI within EPOC ("Economic Policy in Complex Environments"), a new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network across the EU, with partner universities in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Paris, Venice and Milano.

MAY '20 – A paper looking into seasonal variation in muskox behaviour, co-authored by Jenny and Roland, was accepted for publication in Movement Ecology.

MAY '20 – Jenny's review paper on coupled HMMs is now available as a preprint on the arXiv.

MAY '20 – Roland gave a virtual invited talk in the Statistics Department of the University of Cape Town.

APR '20 – Marius gave a virtual invited talk in the Warwick Statistics Department.

APR '20 – Roland is a co-author of a paper on incorporating animal movement into distance sampling, which was accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Statistical Association.

MAR '20 – Sina's paper on continuous-time multi-state capture-recapture modelling is now available as a preprint on the arXiv.

FEB '20 – Roland is a co-author of a new preprint synthesising ecological applications of HMMs.

JAN '20 – The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding a 2-year project that aims to develop new statistical methods for the detection of match-fixing in live betting markets.

JAN '20 – Marius' paper on darts players' ability to cope with high-pressure situations was accepted for publication in PLOS ONE.

DEC '19 – Marius gave an invited talk in a sports analytics session at the CMS-Statistics conference in London. His trip was funded by a DAAD stipend.

DEC '19 – Timo and Roland attended a workshop on lake fish telemetry held at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries and Humboldt University, both giving talks.

DEC '19 – Matthias' paper on demand forecasting using distributional regression was accepted at the European Journal of Operational Research.

OCT '19 – Odile is now an Associate Editor of the journal BMC Public Health.

OCT '19 – Roland is now an Associate Editor of the journal Statistical Methods and Applications.

SEP '19 – Our paper investigating the potential existence of a hot hand effect in professional darts was accepted for publication in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A).

SEP '19 – The HMM book co-authored by Roland got a very nice review in Biometrics.

SEP '19 – We were again very busy this month giving talks and workshops/tutorials:

  • Matthias gave a talk on automated model selection for demand forecasting at the Annual Conference of The Operational Research Society in Kent (UK);
  • Sina gave an invited talk on continuous-time multi-state capture-recapture models at the annual conference of the Royal Statistical Society in Belfast (UK);
  • Roland gave a talk on the hot hand in darts at the German Statistical Week in Trier, and lectured in the 2nd Bielefeld-Dortmund Summer School on Modern Topics in Time Series Analysis;
  • Timo gave an invited talk on Markov-switching quantile regression at the CLADAG (Classification and Data Analysis Group) meeting in Cassino (Italy);
  • Finally, Timo and Sina spent a week at the Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland in Helsinki, giving an HMM tutorial and a talk, respectively. They had been invited by Juha Heikkinen

SEP '19 – Odile published a paper in BMC Public Health on potential biases in cohort-based comparisons of migrants' health.

AUG '19 – Odile is a Principal Investigator in a new DFG-funded research unit ("Forschergruppe") "Refugee Migration to Germany: A Magnifying Glass for Broader Public Health Challenges (PH-LENS)".

JUL '19 – Roland was a guest editor of a METRON special issue on HMMs — here is the editorial giving an overview of the papers.

JUL '19 – We were very active in this year's conference season:

  • Roland gave a keynote talk at an NCSE meeting in Edinburgh;
  • Marius gave a talk at MathSport2019 in Athens;
  • Sina gave a talk at the Statistical Computing workshop at Schloss Reisensburg;
  • Jenny, Marius, Sina and Timo gave talks at the IWSM 2019 in Guimarães — here Sina won the best student presentation award!

JUN '19 – Timo gave an invited talk on hierachical hidden Markov models at the 7th Nordic-Baltic Biometric Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. His trip was funded by a DAAD stipend.

JUN '19 – Another paper led by Timo, on flexible (effectively nonparametric) estimation of HMMs for count data, was accepted for publication in METRON.

MAY '19 – A paper led by Timo (and co-authored by Roland and former group member Vianey, among others) was accepted for publication in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. In this work, hierarchical HMMs are proposed as a versatile framework for modelling multi-scale behavioural time series data.

APR '19 – We held the seventh ZeSt workshop for stats or stats-related PhD students at Bielefeld University, with Sina, Jenny, Matthias and Marius giving talks on some of their current research projects.

APR '19 – A paper by Sina, which investigates the role of self-beliefs and other personality traits on mathematics performance within the PISA study, was accepted for publication in the Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft.

MAR '19 – Our paper analysing the interaction of grey seals with commercial fishing activity was accepted for publication at Scientific Reports. The statistical analysis was done by MSc students within our statistical consulting course.