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Catharina-Sophie Otto

Monitoring study success

E-Mail: catharina.otto@uni-bielefeld.de  
Telefon: +49 521 106-12329  
Raum: UHG M7-104

Raphael Roy

Monitoring study success and ECTS-Statistics

E-Mail: raphael.roy@uni-bielefeld.de  
Telefon: +49 521 106-67681  
Raum: UHG M7-120

Further Information

Student survey

Monitoring Study Success

Through monitoring study success, we generate data-supported findings on generic study patterns . Thus, it possible to identify course-specific needs for action and intervention. Our analyses focus on institutional and individual causes for the following questions: Why do students discontinue their studies? What are the reasons for a change of subject or university? Which factors lead to a delay in study time?

Monitoring study success is both a part of the "richtig einsteigen." programme and a component of a comprehensive teaching quality management concept.


Depending on the individual report, the following data are evaluated semester by semester, year by year or as required:

  • Student and enrolment data
  • Student timetable
  • Student performance data in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes
  • Financial Statements/Audit Statistics
  • Modelling of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes

Data from the general student survey

In addition to the survey data, existing data from the campus management system BIS and enrolment data from the Student Secretariat (HIS SOS) are used for the evaluations. By taking into account the data from the student survey and the graduate study, we integrate the students’ perspective.

A particular focus of interest in the student survey within the framework of the "Getting Started " programme is how well students master the first semester at Bielefeld University. In the anonymous questionnaire, first-year students are asked the following questions, among others:

  • How did you find out about your subjects at Bielefeld University before you started your studies?
  • Did you take part in introductory events during the orientation week at the beginning of your studies?
  • Did you take part in an introduction on how to use the library?
  • Which preliminary courses did you take part in before the start of your studies?
  • How do you rate your start at the university?

In addition, students are asked to evaluate the advisory services offered by Bielefeld University and to give an insight into their learning culture and everyday life at university:

  • How well were you prepared for the following requirements at the beginning of your studies immediately after school?
  • And how well are you prepared to meet these requirements right now?

Selected results of the student survey can be viewed online.

The subproject on study success monitoring helps in the development and implementation of quality assurance measures. Among other things, data on...

  • Graduate and shrinkage rates,
  • Delay in study time,
  • change of programme of study and transfer to other universities

...are analyzed and interpreted. Some of the evaluations developed so far are made available to the rectorate and the institutions on a regular basis. In general, faculties and institutions receive evaluations on request.

Student data collected in the context of the study success monitoring are processed according to the general data protection declaration of Bielefeld University. The protection of student data has top priority, which is why only data in pseudonymised form is evaluated. Data access is already strongly protected, i.e. access to student data remains traceable.