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Application & Enrolment

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Student Office

Advice to all prospective students, application process, enrolment

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International Office

Support for international students studying at Bielefeld University

+49 521 106 6975

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Information on the procedure

It is necessary to make an application to both study programmes with admission restriction as well as study programmes without admission restrictions.

However, in the case of applications that are completely exempt from admission, the request for enrolment can subsequently be submitted directly online. For certain study programmes you may be required to take aptitude tests with varying deadlines. Both points apply whether applying for first semester studies or for applications to higher semesters. In any case, please pay attention to the respective application and enrollment deadlines.

Apply now!

What happens after the application?

For each application you will receive a separate admission or rejection. In case of admission, you can enrol or change your degree programme. If there is a move-up procedure, you will automatically take part in it. In case of rejection, you can still apply for the lottery procedure afterwards.

What would you like to apply for?

Applicants who have not acquired their study qualification in Germany (incl. Graduates of a Studienkolleg)

If you are a non-EU citizen and do not have a German Abitur or a German university degree, please use the online-application portal

Applicants with German Abitur/ university degree

You have a German Abitur or a German university degree and would like to apply for a Bachelor's degree program in the 1st semester?

application and status portal (in German).

For 1-subject Bachelor's programs with restricted admission, please also note the special features of the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure (in German).

Bachelor Construction Kit & bachelor courses

Bachelor application in 8 steps (in German)

You have a German Abitur or a German university degree and would like to apply in the 1st semester for the subject Law (first legal examination)?
Please use the application and status portal for this purpose. Please also note the special features of the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure (in German).
The study places for the subject Law (State Examination) are subject to admission restrictions (numerus clausus).

If you have any special questions regarding the study place or the application procedure at Bielefeld University, the Student Office will help you.

Bachelor application in 8 steps (in German)

All study places in medicine at universities in Germany are allocated by the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung. There you will also find further information on the admission procedure.

Attention: Please inform yourself about the application deadlines at

All applications for Master's degree applications (unrestricted/ restricted) must be submitted via the online application portal for master's degree programs.

If you would like to apply for a Master of Education, please read about the access to the Master of Education (in German) beforehand.

Information on the application process (in German)

Would you like to do a doctorate? Here you will find information on the doctoral procedure.

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